IT. IS. ON!!

LFC to Play Spurs in Baltimore

It’s official, the mighty Redmen are coming to Baltimore and the M&T Bank Stadium to take on Spurs on July 28 as part of their US tour.

To say that we are ecstatic is an massive understatement. We’ll be painting town RED! Our own Jesse Bowen probably put it best:

“Holy Hell! Best news I’ve ever — second only to ‘you’re going to be a dad.’ Very close second.”

We have already blocked out the 136 section of the stands for our current local supporters and are excited to get other Baltimore LFC fans out as well as some of our regional Reds supporters groups join our ranks, too. The details of this should be finalized by this weekend and we will let everyone know through all of our social media outlets. So stay tuned!

In addition to the tickets, we have other events planned that are being finalized so please bear with us as we iron out the details. Again, as soon as we know, so will you.

It is a real honor to be able to host Liverpool FC in the Charm City and our thanks go out to Liverpool Football Club, the city, the planners and administrative staff that made this a possibility.

Is it July 28th yet…

5 thoughts on “IT. IS. ON!!

  • have the details of how to buy the tickets, I swear the stars have aligned for me I’m coming from melbourne, aus to watch this game as part of my US trip, saw that the boys are playing while I’m here, amazing…

  • My buddy and I are coming from ATL for the game. CANNOT wait. Just wondering if there will be any events or festivities the night before or pregame events to catch for LFC fans?

  • Hi lads – thanks for the info. Whats the latest on where to go, what to do etc. LFCBoston did a cracking job of a city guide and some discounted hotels with LFC rates. Anything similar in the works? Also saw that on your Facebook page there was mention of a pre-post party somewhere but it required tickets? Helped start the LFCAtlanta Association with a mate so trying to find out the scoop so we can tell them waht to expect, where to go etc – expecting 50+ headed your way from down here. Cheers. YNWA

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