Ticketing update

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of months. Kenny’s gone. Dirk’s gone. ‘Arry’s gone. Rodgers is in. Steve Clarke is now West Brom’s gaffer and we’ve got them for the season opener. Warrior has released¬† the new jerseys. Tough to keep up, really. Anyway, here’s a quick update on the ticketing for the LFC vs[…]

Brendan Rodgers, welcome to Anfield!

After much speculations, Brendan Rodgers becomes Liverpool’s new manager on June 1st, 2012. ¬†During his short career, Rodgers managed to get Swansea City promoted to the Premier League, where they played beautiful attacking football and finished at an impressive 11th place. He was awarded Premier League Manager of the Month award in January 2012. The[…]