Life After City’s Visit

In case you missed it:

Liverpool had to settle for a 1-1 draw despite dominating league leaders Manchester City for large parts of Sunday’s encounter. We won’t settle in Manchester on 1/3/2012!!

Quick Hits

We could not get the win although we tried until the end! We keep summing! Now we have to prepare for Tuesday’s game against Chelsea! Hugs to all. [Suarez on Twitter]

Joe Hart was good for them but Lucas was the best player on the pitch – he was amazing. [Jose Enrique on how Lucas should have been named Man Of The Match]

Sometimes he doesn’t help himself and others, then maybe he doesn’t get the leeway. But I don’t think any of our boys influenced the referee in any way, shape or form. The referee didn’t want to get the yellow card. Every time Mario did something, many players are walking towards the referee –- I think Skrtel made a lot of the challenge. [Roberto Mancini on Balotelli’s red card]

The reaction of our players? I think Balotelli got himself sent off.  His actions spoke more loudly than anyone else’s. Sometimes you look in the mirror and get the answer.  Sometimes he doesn’t help himself, other times maybe he doesn’t get as much leeway as some others do — but if you help yourself you don’t get in that situation in the first place.” [King Kenny]

48 hours is a bit irresponsible for the people who’ve organised the dates of the matches. It’s not just us, it’s Man City. [King Kenny ahead of Carling cup quarter final at Chelsea]

It’s true I could have left at some point.  I decided to stay here and give the best of myself to try to help the team bring back the winning days. It was also a decision I made for my wife and my kids. They feel like Liverpool is home. [Pepe Reina]


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